FORGE HAIR ® | Hand Forged Hair Jewelry from Los Angeles | Product Tips
Expertly Hand Crafted Hair Jewelry Made in Los Angeles, USA
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Product Tips
  • FORGE loves messy-tousled locks!  
  • If you wear FORGE on a clean hair day: 

    1. Add some texturizing spray or dry shampoo.

    2. Tie up your bun the way you normally do.

    3. Begin with your FORGE piece on one side of the bun/knot and weave the end points through; start in a downward motion, then up, and then down again (think of a needle and thread.)
  • You will know when you have your FORGE piece locked in properly because it will feel very secure.  
  • It may take you a few tries, but once you have mastered it, your FORGE piece will be a part of your wardrobe, as well as an extension of your hair.  
  • It may be days until you decide to wash your hair again, because your locks look so good in FORGE! 
  • One piece holds your hair securely, no pins or rubber bands needed. 
  • Just throw it up, secure your piece and ready yourself to  GET FORGEOUS!

Due to the nature and complexity involved in hand forging metals, each piece of FORGE Hair + Jewelry has its own unique character, feel and fine details (just like you.) Wear your piece with attitude, gift it to a dear friend or just gaze upon it its raw beauty.